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We started our journey a long time ago in 2007. Our mission started as puting all of the UK's takeaway restaurants online. Teaming up with the largest online brands for online orders we'd give our visitors to click right through and order food online for free* home delivery.

Over the years the website has had few rebranding and we've ended up being a Menu & Reviews site now. Still covering UK and trying to be the best guide as possible for people looking for some tasty food and reading reviews.

Paying for your meal has never been easier as some of the food delivery websites and takeaways will accept paypal as their payment method. You can also pay by card for takeaway. Cash still works, but then I guess you are limited to a handful of places that delivers locally.

Almost 10 years ago we were one of the first restaurant and takeaway directories that rolled out a link with the Food Hygiene Ratings scheme ran by Food Standards Agency. This gives people even better guide and should be a huge help when it comes to finding the right restaurant and trusting them to cook your meal. You wouldn't order your curry or pizza from a place with a rating of 0 out of 5, would you?

* some restaurants may charge a small delivery fee