Grilled Dishes

  • Koobide
  • Joojeh
  • Joojeh Torsh
  • Joojeh Ba Ostokhan
  • Momtaz
  • Ghafghazi
  • Chenjeh
  • Kabab Torsh
  • Mediterranean Kabab
  • Bakhtiyari
  • Shishlik
  • Soltani
  • Barg
  • Makhsos
  • Mixed Grill for 1
  • Mixed Grill for 2
  • Mixed Grill for 4

Lamb & Chicken Specials

  • Zereshk Polo Special
  • Baghali Polo Mahiche Special
  • Lobiya Polo Gardan Special
  • Dizi Special

Cold Starters

  • Naan Cold Starter
  • Garlic Naan Cold Starter
  • Mast Mosir Cold Starter
  • Mast Khiyar Cold Starter
  • Hummus Cold Starter
  • Naaz Khaton Cold Starter
  • Sir Torshi Cold Starter
  • Baba Ghanoosh Cold Starter
  • Torshi Cold Starter
  • Khiyar Shor Cold Starter
  • Olives Cold Starter
  • Zeyton Parvarde Cold Starter
  • Olviyeh Cold Starter

Warm Starters

  • Kashk Bademjan Warm Starter
  • Mirza Ghasemi Warm Starter
  • Ashe Reshteh Warm Starter
  • Adasi Warm Starter
  • Loobiya Warm Starter
  • Chips Warm Starter
  • Dolmeh Warm Starter
  • Falafel Warm Starter
  • Chicken Wings Warm Starter
  • Golden Rice (Tahdig) Warm Starter
  • Mix Mazeh Warm Starter

Sea Food

  • Ghezel Ala
  • Sea Bass
  • Salmon
  • Prawns
  • Sabiz Polo Mahi


  • Gheymeh Stew
  • Gheyme Bademjan Stew
  • Bamiye Stew
  • Ghorme Sabzi Stew
  • Fesenjan Stew


  • Koobide Wrap
  • Joojeh Wrap
  • Falafel Wrap

Vegetarian Dishes

  • Vegetarian Stews
  • Vegetarian Bamiye Stew
  • Ghorme Sabzi Stew
  • Falafel Stew


  • Season Salad
  • Salad Shirazi
  • Tabbouleh Salad
  • Panir Sabzi Salad
  • Feta Cheese Salad
  • Fatoush Salad
  • Chicken Salad

Children Menu

  • Minced Lamb Kabab
  • Chicken Fillet Kabab


  • Saffron Steamed Basmati Rice
  • Skewer of Koobide
  • Skewer of Grilled Tomato
  • Skewer of Grilled Pepper
  • Skewer of Grilled Onion
  • Chips
  • Skewer of Grilled Joojeh (Bonless)
  • Skewer of Grilled Joojeh (On the Bone)
  • Skewer of Fillet Lamb


  • Saffron Ice Cream
  • Faloodeh
  • Italian Ice Cream
  • Baghlava
  • Zoolbia O Bamiye

Cold Drinks

  • Fresh Orange Juice - Small 330ml
  • Fresh Apple Juice - Small 330ml
  • Fresh Carrot Juice - Small 330ml
  • Coca Cola Original - Small 330ml
  • Diet Coke - Small 330ml
  • Fanta - Small 330ml
  • Sprite - Small 330ml
  • Doogh (Yoghurt Deink)
  • Kingsdown Still Water
  • Kingsdown Sparkling Water
  • Kingsdown Ginger Beer - Small 330ml
  • Kingsdown Cloudy Lemonade - Small 330ml
  • Kingsdown Blackcurrant Sparkle - Small 330ml
  • Kingsdown Elderflower Sparkle - Small 330ml
  • Schweppes Tonic Water - Small 330ml
  • Schweppes Soda Water - Small 330ml


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Diba - Wimbledon

Food delivered in following postcodes in or around London:

Serving Persian, Middle eastern

Opening Hours:

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Food Hygiene Rating: Last inspection date: 26 Apr 2023 (more than 6 moths ago). Score: 3 "Generally Satisfactory". View on

Nearest underground stations: Wimbledon - 0.31m, Wimbledon Park - 0.73m, South Wimbledon - 1.01m, Tooting Broadway - 1.44m, Colliers Wood - 1.54m

Welcome to Diba Restaurant

Have you been stuck in traffic and got home late, well don't worry about cooking dinner sit down with a nice cuppa and look at the menu of Diba Restaurant @this website who would love to cook some Persian food for you this evening. Then after you have eaten, we would love to hear what you think of our food and service by leaving feedback on the this Site.
Also known as:
Diba Restaurant
Diba Persian Restaurant
Persian Grilled Kabab

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Kodi Terry
Feb 19, 2022
This place is advertised on its own website as open until midnight everyday. So we booked post-show dinner for 1030pm only to be to be told that they would be closing at 11pm when we turned up on time. We showed the woman her own website stating that it would be open until midnight but she was rude and quickly we understood that this is a homophobic establishment that will not hesitate to be rude and unprofessional towards same sex couples. The woman pushed it by saying that because of coronavirus they needed to shut when she was not even wearing a mask. Revolting at every turn and a place to avoid at all costs. Beware!

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