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How to order food online?

It's really simple - you can start by going to our home page and entering your postcode or town in the search box provided and then choose from the list of takeaways delivering food in your area. You can sort by cuisine, reviews as well as their Food Hygiene Rating. Most listing on our directory will have links to order food online directly from our partner websites.

What payment methods are accepted?

If you order via any of our partner websites, you can pay online securely using your credit or debit card (small fee may apply), PayPal or hard cold cash is still the king and accepted on delivery.

How fast will I get my food?

This depends largely on the takeaway restaurant and many other factors like the weather for example. Most places will deliver your food in 40 minutes to 1 hour and will try to do the same even on Saturdays which are their busiest days. Usually you will receive a phone call if your food is delayed for longer than that.

I placed an order online, but food didn't arrive

Don't panic. There's probably a good explanation to why it has happened. We know you are hungry and most likely be a bit grumpy at this point. Please call the takeaway direct and ask them for the reasons why it's late or did not show up at all. If you ordered via our partner websites - they usually provide a phone number or online chat to find out what happened as well as orgaisizing a refund if it all went wrong and you've lost your appetite.

Why order online?

It's quicker and easier. No more busy phone lines and stacking up takeaway menus in your kitchen's cupboard or drawers. Menus are always up to date and you get a choice of latest offers and discounts.

Where do you get your takeaway restaurant ratings from?

It's a combination of user reviews left on our website together with data that is provided by our partner websites. We collect them all and display a combined value which is very accurate since it's coming from more than one source.