36 Deptford Broadway
London, SE8 4PQ

Phone: 02086929633
Food hygiene rating 3



  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls 斋春卷
  • Sesame Prawn Toast 芝麻虾
  • Grilled Pork Dumplings 猪肉锅贴
  • Salt & Pepper Shredded Chicken 椒盐鸡丝
  • Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs 椒盐骨
  • Salt & Pepper King Prawns 椒盐虾
  • Salt & Pepper Squid 椒盐鱿鱼
  • Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab 椒盐软壳蟹

Cold Dishes

  • Mouth Watering Chicken 口水鸡
  • Fuqi Feipian 夫妻肺片
  • Sliced Pork with Crushed Garlic 蒜泥白肉
  • Five Spiced Beef 五香牛肉
  • Tasty Black Fungus Salad 美味黑木耳


  • Wonton Soup 云吞汤
  • Kelp, Lotus Root and Spare Ribs Soup 排骨莲藕汤
  • Winter Melon & Spare Ribs Soup 冬瓜排骨汤

Soup Modifier

  • Regular
  • Large


  • La Zi Ji 辣子鸡 
  • Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡丁
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken 古老鸡
  • Chicken with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒鸡
  • Stir Fried Baby Chicken 小炒仔鸡
  • Chicken Stewed with Potatoes 老鸡炖土豆
  • Chicken Stewed with Yam 老鸡炖 芋头
  • Chicken Stewed with Peppers 老鸡炖 彩椒


  • Pork Slices Steamed with Glutinous Rice Flour 粉蒸肉
  • Guo Bao Rou Sweet & Sour Flavour Pork 锅包肉
  • Sea Spicy Shredded Pork with Black Fungus, Bamboo Shoots & Cucumber 鱼香肉
  • Sanxia Stir-fried Pork 三峡小炒肉
  • Double Cooked Pork 回锅肉
  • Mao’s Braised Pork 毛氏红烧肉
  • Sweet and Sour Pork 咕老肉
  • Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables 梅菜扣肉
  • Dried Paper Tofu with Shredded Pork with Chinese Chive 韭菜千张肉丝
  • Sour Pickled Beans Fried with Minced Pork 酸豆角肉末


  • Beef in Curry Sauce with Mushrooms & Green Peas 咖喱牛肉
  • Beef in Black Bean Sauce with Green Pepper 豉椒牛肉
  • Beef in Hot Pot with Needle Mushrooms & Suan Cai 金针酸菜肥牛
  • Beef Marinated with Cumin & Stir-fried with Onion and Coriander 孜然牛肉
  • Stir-fried Beef with Green Chilli Peppers & Coriander 小炒牛肉
  • Boiled Beef in Chilli Oil Soup 水煮牛肉


  • Lamb Slices Marinated with Cumin & Stir-fried with Onion and Coriander 孜然羊肉
  • Sauteed Lamb Slices with Scallion 葱爆羊


  • Boiling Fish Fillets in Chilli Oil Soup Bean Sprouts, Chinese Cabbage, Dried Chilli, Sichuan Peppercorn 沸腾鱼 (中-大)
  • Steamed Fish Fillets with Wild Chilli Sauce 泡椒鱼柳
  • Boiled Fish Fillets in Chilli & Peppercorn Oil Soup 水煮鱼 (中 - 大)
  • Boiled Fish Fillets in Suan Cai Soup 酸菜鱼 (中 - 大)
  • Sea Bass with Wild Chilli Sauce 泡椒鲈鱼(半) - (整)
  • Steamed Sea Bass 清蒸鲈鱼(半) - (整)

Fish Modifier

  • Regular
  • Large

Sea Bass Modifier

  • Half
  • Whole


  • Sweet & Sour King Prawns Peppers 古老虾
  • Kung Pao King Prawns 宫保虾球
  • King Prawns with Broccoli 西兰花虾球
  • Aromatic Spicy King Prawns 香辣虾
  • Aromatic Spicy Crab 香辣蟹

Adventurous Dishes

  • Fried Chicken Gizzards with Wild Chilli 山椒 鸡 胗
  • Stir Fried Pig’s Kidney 火爆腰花
  • Dry Fried Pig’s Intestines 干煸肥肠
  • Boiled Pork Blood Curd Chongqing Style 毛血旺
  • Pigs’ Knuckle Spicy with Dried Chily & Spring Onions 香辣美容蹄
  • Pigs’ Knuckle Braised 红烧猪蹄
  • Sauteed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork 蚂蚁上树

Vegetables Dishes

  • Tiger Skin Grilled Green Peppers with Black Bean Sauce, Soy Sauce & Vinegar 虎皮青椒
  • Ma Po Tofu 麻婆豆腐
  • Home Style Tofu 家常豆腐
  • Fried Pak Choi with Tofu -油菜烧豆腐
  • Dry Fried French Beans without Minced Pork 干煸四季豆
  • Dry Fried French Beans with Minced 干煸肉沫四季豆
  • Aubergine Sea Spicy Style with Minced Pork 鱼香茄子
  • Aubergine Special Style with Green Peas & Chilli Peppers 风味茄子
  • Chinese Cabbage Sweet & Sour 大白菜 糖醋
  • Chinese Cabbage Cooked with Vinegar 大白菜 醋溜
  • Broccoli Stir Fried 西兰花 清炒
  • Broccoli Fried with Garlic 西兰花 蒜蓉
  • Broccoli Braised in Broth 西兰花 上汤
  • Broccoli Fried with Ginger Juice 西兰花 姜汁
  • Pak Choi Stir Fried 小白菜清炒
  • Pak Choi Fried with Garlic 小白菜蒜蓉
  • Pak Choi Fried with Chilli & Sichuan Peppercorn 小白菜炝炒
  • Hollow Vegetables Stir Fried 空心菜清炒
  • Hollow Vegetables Fried with Garlic 空心菜蒜蓉
  • Hollow Vegetables Fried with Chilli & Sichuan Peppercorn 空心菜炝炒
  • Lotus Root Slices Stir Fried 藕片清炒
  • Lotus Root Slices Fried with Chilli Peppers 藕片香辣
  • Braised Baby Cabbage in Superior Soup 上汤娃娃菜
  • Braised Spinach in Broth 上汤菠菜
  • Winter Melon Stir Fried 冬瓜清炒
  • Winter Melon Braised 冬瓜红烧

Clay Pot Dishes

  • Mixed Seafood and Tofu in Clay Pot 三鲜豆腐煲
  • Beef Flank & Tomato in Clay Pot 番茄牛腩煲
  • Beef Flank & Tofu Skin Stewed in Clay Pot 支竹牛腩煲

Dry Pot

  • Pig’s Intestines Dry Pot 干锅肥肠
  • Frogs’ Legs Dry Pot 干锅田鸡
  • Beef Flank Dry Pot 干锅牛腩
  • King Prawns Dry Pot 干锅大虾
  • Potato Slice Dry Pot 干锅土豆片
  • White Cabbage Dry Pot 干锅包菜
  • Lotus Root Slices Dry Pot 干锅 莲藕
  • Cauliflower Dry Pot 干锅花菜

Rice & Noodle

  • Steamed Rice 白饭
  • Egg Fried Rice 蛋炒饭
  • Special Fried Rice 扬州炒饭
  • Singapore Fried Vermicelli 炒星米
  • Chicken Chow Mein 鸡炒面
  • Beef Chow Mein 牛炒面
  • Beef Fried Ho Fun 干炒牛河
  • Bean Sprouts Chow Mein 芽菜炒面
  • King Prawns with Crispy Noodles 大虾脆面
  • House Special Fried Rice 招牌炒饭
  • House Special Chow Mein 招牌炒面
  • King Prawn Fried Rice 大虾炒饭
  • King Prawn Chow Mein 大虾炒面


  • Chinese Golden Pumpkin Cakes 南瓜饼

Aromatic Numbing Spicy Hot Pot 麻辣香鍋

  • King Prawns 大虾香锅
  • Frogs' Legs 田鸡腿香锅
  • Whole Sea Bass 鲈鱼香锅
  • Thin Beef Sliced 肥牛
  • Pork Belly 五花肉
  • Beef Tripe 牛百叶
  • Beef Flank 牛腩
  • Spare Ribs 排骨
  • Lunch Meat 午餐肉
  • Pork Intestines 肥肠
  • Chicken Breast Slices 鸡片
  • Fish Fillet 鱼| 片
  • Squid 鱿鱼
  • Needle Mushrooms 金针菇
  • Mushrooms 蘑菇
  • Potato Slices 土豆
  • Broccoli 西兰花
  • Cauliflower 花菜
  • Black Fungus 黑木耳
  • Lotus Root Slices 藕片
  • Kelp 海带片
  • Bamboo Shoots 笋
  • Rice Cake 年糕
  • Chinese Cabbage 大百菜
  • Sweet Potato Noodles 红薯粉丝
  • Dried Tofu Skin Sticks 腐竹
  • Tofu 白豆腐
  • Fried Tofu 炸豆腐

Sanxia Fresh Roast & BBQ

  • Roast Peking Duck Served with Pancakes & Duck Sauce 北京烤鸭
  • Roast Duck With or Without Bones 烧鸭
  • Roast Pork Belly 烧⾁
  • BBQ Pork 叉烧
  • Soy Chicken 葱油鸡
  • Aromatic Crispy Duck ⾹酥鸭
  • 2 types of BBQ 双拼
  • 3 types of BBQ 三拼

Roast Peking Duck Modifier

  • Half
  • Whole

Roast Duck Modifier

  • Half
  • Whole

Soy Chicken Modifier

  • Portion
  • Half
  • Whole

Aromatic Crispy Duck Modifier

  • Quarter
  • Half
  • Whole


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Sanxia - Deptford

Food delivered in following postcodes in or around London:

Serving Chinese

Food Hygiene Rating: Last inspection date: 16 May 2019 (more than 6 moths ago). Score: 3 "Generally Satisfactory". View on food.gov.uk

Nearest underground stations: New Cross - 0.43m, Elverson Road - 0.61m, Island Gardens - 0.8m

Also known as:
Sanxia Renjia - Deptford
Sanxia Renjai

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