• 1.Goong Hom Pah
  • 2. Look Chin Moo
  • 2a. Sai Oua
  • 3.Khanompang Nah Gai
  • 4.Tort Man Plah
  • 4a.Plah Meak Tod
  • 5.See Krohng Moo Tort Kratiem
  • 6.Mee Grob
  • 7.Toong Torng
  • 8.Peek Gai Yat Sai
  • 8a.Crispy Thai Spiced Hot Chicken Wings
  • 9.Goong Choob Paeng Tord
  • 10.Thai House Satay
  • 11.Pak Tempura
  • 12.Tort Man Khao Poht


  • 16.Tom Yam Soup
  • 17. Tom Kah Soup
  • 18.Tom Jued Woonsen Soup
  • 18a.Keiyw Na Soup

Thai Salad 'Yam'

  • 19.Yam Nuea- Gai- Talay- Het
  • 19a.Yum Sam Sa-Hay
  • 19b.Som Tum

House Specialities

  • 20.Gai Yahng
  • 21.Neua Yahng
  • 21a. Neua Yahng Kratiem Het
  • 21b GF. Seua Rong Hai - Crying Tiger
  • 22.Pet Yahng
  • 23.Gaeng Hang Lee
  • 24.Goong Po

Curry 'Gaeng'

  • 25.Gaeng Khieow Waan-Green Curry
  • 26.Gaeng Pet Daeng-Hot Red Curry
  • 27.Gaeng Panaeng-Red Thick Curry
  • 28.Gaeng Pah - Jungle Curry
  • 29.Gaeng Garee-Yellow Curry
  • 30.Gaeng Massaman-Southern Curry
  • 31.Gaeng Supparot-Red Curry with Pineapple

Stir-Fry Dishes

  • 32.Pat Met Mamuang Himapar
  • 33.Pat Prieow Waan
  • 34.Pat Khing
  • 35.Pat Prik
  • 36.Pat Krapao
  • 37.Pat Nam Man Hoi
  • 38.Pat Kratiem Prik Thai
  • 39.Pat Pet Thai House
  • 39a.Pat Prik Thai Dam

Seafood Dishes

  • 40.Plah Choo Chen
  • 41.Chu Chi Ahaan Talay
  • 42.Plah Sam Rot
  • 43.Pat Krapao Ahaan Talay
  • 44.Plah Raad Nam Prik Phao
  • 45.Pat Nam Prik Pao Ahaan Talay
  • 46.Pat Prik Ahaan Talay
  • 47.Pat Kratiem Prik Thai
  • 48.Pha Pad Khean Chai
  • 49.Plah Prieow Waan
  • 50.Plah Raad Kratiem Prik Thai
  • 51.Pat Prik Phao Hoimalaengphu
  • 70.Pla Nung Manaw


  • 52.Khao Suay
  • 52a.Khao Neuw
  • 53.Khao Gati
  • 54.Kao Pat Khai
  • 55.Khao Pat Thai House
  • 56.Khao Pat Moo Supparot
  • 57.Khao Phad Pahk Ruam


  • 60. Kuytieow Pat
  • 60.Kuytieow Pad
  • 61.Kuytieow Pad Thai
  • 62. Ba Mee Pat
  • 63.Kuyitieow Pat Kee Mao

Vegetable Side Dish

  • 64.Pat Pak Ruam
  • 65.Pat Pak Ruam Nam Man Hoi
  • 66.Pat Dtooa Ngork
  • 67.Fries
  • 68.Tom Yum Salted Fries

Gluten Free Starters

  • 4aGF.Gluten Free Plah Meak Tod
  • 4GF.Gluten Free Tort Man Plah
  • 6GF.Gluten Free Mee Grob
  • 13aGF.Gluten Free Laab (2 Person)
  • 72GF.Gluten Free Lehaw Pan Hoy Chel

Gluten Free Soups

  • 16GF.Gluten Free Tom Yam
  • 17GF.Gluten Free Tom Kah
  • 18GF.Gluten Free Tom Jued Woonsen

GF Thai Salad 'Yam'

  • 19aGF.Gluten Free Yum Sam Sa-Hay
  • 19bGF.Gluten Free Som Tum
  • 19GF.Gluten Free Yam Nuea- Gai- Talay- Het

GF Thai Speciality

  • 21GF.Gluten Free Neua Yahng
  • 21aGF.Gluten Free Neua Yahng Kratiem Het
  • 21bGF.Gluten Free Seua Rong Hai - Crying Tiger
  • 22GF.Gluten Free Pet Yahng
  • 24GF.Gluten Free Goong Po

GF Curry 'Gaeng'

  • 25GF.Gluten Free Gaeng Khieow Waan – Green Curry
  • 26GF.Gluten Free Gaeng Pet Daeng – Hot Red Curry
  • 27GF.Gluten Free Gaeng Panaeng – Red Thick Curry
  • 28GF.Gluten Free Gaeng Pah – Jungle Curry
  • 29GF.Gluten Free Gaeng Garee – Yellow Curry
  • 30GF.Gluten Free Gaeng Massaman – Southern Curry
  • 31GF.Gluten Free Gaeng Supparot

GF Stir-Fry Dishes

  • 32GF.Gluten Free Pat Met Mamuang Himapar
  • 33GF.Gluten Free Pat Prieow Waan
  • 34GF.Gluten Free Pat Khing
  • 35GF.Gluten Free Pat Prik
  • 36GF.Gluten Free Pat Krapao
  • 37GF.Gluten Free Pat Nam Man Hoi
  • 38GF.Gluten Free Pat Kratiem Prik Thai
  • 39aGF.Gluten Free Pat Prik Thai Dam
  • 39GF.Gluten Free Pat Pet Thai House

GF Seafood Dishes

  • 41GF.Gluten Free Chu Chi Ahaan Talay
  • 43GF.Gluten Free Pat Krapao Ahaan Talay
  • 45GF.Gluten Free Pat Nam Prik Pao Ahaan Talay
  • 46GF.Gluten Free Pat Prik Ahaan Talay
  • 48GF.Gluten Free Pha Pad Khean Chai
  • 49GF.Gluten Free Plah Prieow Waan
  • 51GF.Gluten Free Pat Prik Phao Hoimalaengphu
  • 70GF.Gluten Free Pla Nung Manaw

Gluten Free Rice

  • 52GF.Gluten Free Khao Suay
  • 52aGF.Gluten Free Khao Neuw
  • 53GF.Gluten Free Khao Gati
  • 54GF.Gluten Free Khao Pat Khai
  • 55GF.Gluten Free Khao Pat Thai House
  • 56GF.Gluten Free Khao Pat Moo Supparot
  • 57GF.Gluten Free Khao Phad Pahk Ruam

Gluten Free Noodles

  • 60GF.Gluten Free Kuytieow Pat
  • 61GF.Gluten Free Kuytieow Pad Thai
  • 63GF.Gluten Free Kuyitieow Pat Kee Mao

GF Vegetable Side

  • 64GF.Gluten Free Pat Pak Ruam
  • 65GF.Gluten Free Pat Pak Ruam Nam Man Hoi
  • 66GF.Pat Dtooa Ngork
  • 67GF.Gluten Free Fries
  • 68GF.Tom Yum Salted Fries

Vegan Starters

  • 3V. Vegan Khanompang Nah
  • 4V.Vegan Tort Man Plah
  • 6V.Vegan Mee Grob
  • 8aV.Vegan Crispy Thai Spiced Hot Cauli 'Wings'
  • 10V.Vegan Thai House Satay
  • 11V.Vegan Pak Tempura
  • 12V.Vegan Tort Man Khao Poht
  • 13aV.Vegan Laab (2 Person)
  • 13V.Vegan Popia Tort
  • 15V.Vegan Mixed Starter B (2 Person)
  • 22aV. Vegan Crispy Shredded ‘Mock Duck’ (2 person)
  • 71V.Vegan Pla Sin Thod Lerob
  • 72V.Vegan Lehaw Pan Hoy Chel

Vegan Soups

  • 16V.Vegan Tom Yam
  • 17V.Vegan Tom Kah
  • 18V.Vegan Tom Jued Woonsen

Vegan Thai Salad

  • 19BV.Vegan Som Tum
  • 19V.Vegan Yam Nuea- Gai- Talay- Het

Vegan Vish Dishes

  • 40V.Vegan Plah Choo Chen
  • 42V.Vegan Plah Sam Rot
  • 44V.Vegan Plah Raad Nam Prik Phao
  • 50V.Vegan Plah Raad Kratiem Prik Thai

Vegan Curry 'Gaeng'

  • 25V.Vegan Gaeng Khieow Waan – Green Curry
  • 26V.Vegan Gaeng Pet Daeng – Hot Red Curry
  • 27V.Vegan Gaeng Panaeng – Red Thick Curry
  • 28V.Vegan Gaeng Pah – Jungle Curry
  • 29V.Vegan Gaeng Garee – Yellow Curry
  • 30V.Vegan Gaeng Massaman – Southern Curry
  • 31V.Vegan Gaeng Supparot – Red Curry with Pineappl

Vegan Stir-fry Dish

  • 32V.Vegan Pat Met Mamuang Himapar
  • 33V.Vegan Pat Prieow Waan
  • 34V.Vegan Pat Khing
  • 35V.Vegan Pat Prik
  • 36V.Vegan Pat Krapao
  • 37V.Vegan Pat Nam Man Hoi
  • 38V.Vegan Pat Kratiem Prik Thai


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Thai House - Hull

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Fresh tasting food featuring the best dishes from Thailand can't be beaten. Try Thai House for the tastiest Thai food in town. From curries to stir fries with hot, sour, sweet and salty spices and flavours. Deee-licious!
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